April 6, 2016

Introducing Hardcore Sex Into Your Relationship

If you have dated your partner for a long time and feel like your relationship is becoming a bit boring, perhaps you only have to change the way you have sex to save it. Introducing some bit of hardcore sex into your regular routine will not only excite you both, but make you feel attached to your partner more.

If you have never tried this kind of sex, you may be skeptical about it at first. Not all couples like taking things to the next level in the bedroom. Just be aware that hardcore sex doesn’t have to be rough and violent as such. In fact, the twist of events will happen gradually as you start enjoying it.

If you notice your sex life needs a change, it is important to talk to your partner first. Hardcore sex shouldn’t be a ‘surprise’ for him or her. Remember, both the mind and the body needs to be prepared for it. Here is a look at some of the ideas that can make your sex crazy fun.

Using some restraints

This is a common way of making sex a bit ‘irregular’. If it’s your first time using restraints, you can start out lightly and still make it kinky. One way is to use stockings or a tie and restrain your hands in bed so that the other partner can have more control. The person in charge can either be a man or a woman. Just be sure that your partner is someone you can trust completely before you allow yourself to be put into a compromising position.

Punishment and spanking

You can make your sex super hardcore through punishment and spanking. The feeling of having a strict master or mistress can be arousing for some. This can involve just a hand spanking, a whip, a paddle, a flogger or a cane. This is an instance where you will want to create a “safe word”, so that if the punishment goes too far things can be brought back under control.

Using sex toys

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