April 2016

I have always been into role play, and my boyfriend has really got into role play as well since we started dating. He says that it keeps our love life fresh and sexy, and I would agree with that. What is the point in having sex if you cannot have some fun together. All day I listen to my dates at escorts in London talk about their frustrating love lives. I know that the route to fun in the bedroom is not always easy, but I wish these guys would learn how to have some fun. Most of them seem to think it is all about having sex, it is about being creative about having sex.

Interestingly enough that is what my boyfriend has started to say as well. He loves the way we have great sex he says and that things are changing all of the time. Instead of talking about having sex, we often talk about having fun or playing. I keep telling my dates at escorts in London that they should take the same attitude. Go home and sweep their partners of their feet with some crazy fantasy. I know from my female colleagues at London escorts that all girls like that sort of thing.

You don’t have to into the extreme of role play like some guys do with their dominatrix dates at London escorts. My boyfriend had a new operation recently and to cheer him up, I pretended to be his Naughty Nurse. I even went out and bought a new outfit. Now that is a good tip from London escorts. If your husband is feeling a bit under the weather, it might be a good idea to pretend to be his Naughty Nurse. I am sure that he would not need any painkillers then!

There are so many fun things that you can do. A couple of the girls that I work with at London escorts would really love to get into role play. I have told them to check out some of the great web sites about role play. There are some handy tips out there, and many of them come from escorts in London like myself. I do actually blog about role play on one particular site.

Fantasy role play has been going on for ages, and I have read some fantastic accounts about role play. It is all on my London escorts blog, and my dates seem to enjoy reading it. It is kind of an interesting topic and some famous historical figures have been into role play. Apparently Napoleon used to like to be a naughty boy for his Josephine. I keep wondering how many famous people currently alive are into role play. Some of the girls here at London escorts date all sorts of people, and sometimes I hear some very interesting rumors. I keep wondering if we have a rather kinky House of Lords or Parliament. You never know what you will find out about certain people, and I could just a certain Mayor believing that he is Nelson or somebody like that……

Sex is, in my humble opinion … porn and tried to take all of your cues from the men performing on screen, please reconsider. Porn is great for giving you vague ideas of what to do in the bedroom, but by no means should it be the blueprint you use ……

My boyfriend is not really into foreplay, and he says that you are either turned on, and ready to go, or you are not. I can’t really say that I agree with him at all, and none of the other guys that I have been with have been like him. It really turns me off. Outside the bedroom he is really sweet, and spends all evening rubbing my feet after I have been on my stilettos all day at Kent escorts. The girls back at Kent escorts think that he is a really nice guy, it is just that he does not have much of clue in the bedroom.

A couple of the other girls that I work with at Kent escorts, seem to have the same trouble and I can understand where they are coming from. They are staying with their boyfriends because they are sweet outside the bedroom. If it wasn’t for that, I am sure that most of them would not be with their boyfriends. Sometimes it feels a bit like I am stuck between a rock and hard place. At least that is what I keep telling myself and my friends back at Kent escorts.

But, I really need my boyfriend to change. I like to have good sex as much as the next girl, and I don’t get that out of quickie. Most girls need foreplay to get them going and I think that all of the girls that I have spoken to do. Working for Kent escorts is great because at least it means that you can be open about these things, and talk about them. Some of the girls are not shy in coming forward to give advice, but other Kent escorts like to take a bit of a back seat. After all, it is somebody’s personal life.

I am not sure that I am going to be able to continue seeing my boyfriend if he does not change his way. My girlfriends at Kent escorts say that I should not feel guilty about it. If the relationship is not for me, they say that I should move on and find somebody else. To a certain extent, I really do agree. You learn a lot about life working at Kent escorts, and perhaps I should take a leaf out of my own book and move on.

Looking at my entire situation, does somebody who just want to pull your knickers down and screw you, really love you? I am not sure about that and I am not sure that this is a long term relationship. Since I joined Kent escorts I have been through a lot of boyfriends and it seems that many of them just get turned on by the fact that I am a Kent escort. Well, there is a lot more to me than that and somehow I feel that I deserve a real chance when it comes to love. Maybe my dream man is out there somewhere, and waiting for me.…

What a great idea: take a nerdy man who is scared of sex and teach him what it is all about. The ABC’s recent series Luke Warm Sex was on a winner, particularly starring the blushing comedian Luke McGregor, who has built his stand-up routine on the fact ……

Introducing Hardcore Sex Into Your Relationship

If you have dated your partner for a long time and feel like your relationship is becoming a bit boring, perhaps you only have to change the way you have sex to save it. Introducing some bit of hardcore sex into your regular routine will not only excite you both, but make you feel attached to your partner more.

If you have never tried this kind of sex, you may be skeptical about it at first. Not all couples like taking things to the next level in the bedroom. Just be aware that hardcore sex doesn’t have to be rough and violent as such. In fact, the twist of events will happen gradually as you start enjoying it.

If you notice your sex life needs a change, it is important to talk to your partner first. Hardcore sex shouldn’t be a ‘surprise’ for him or her. Remember, both the mind and the body needs to be prepared for it. Here is a look at some of the ideas that can make your sex crazy fun.

Using some restraints

This is a common way of making sex a bit ‘irregular’. If it’s your first time using restraints, you can start out lightly and still make it kinky. One way is to use stockings or a tie and restrain your hands in bed so that the other partner can have more control. The person in charge can either be a man or a woman. Just be sure that your partner is someone you can trust completely before you allow yourself to be put into a compromising position.

Punishment and spanking

You can make your sex super hardcore through punishment and spanking. The feeling of having a strict master or mistress can be arousing for some. This can involve just a hand spanking, a whip, a paddle, a flogger or a cane. This is an instance where you will want to create a “safe word”, so that if the punishment goes too far things can be brought back under control.

Using sex toys

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